What are the best flavored teas by Ahmad tea?

Ahmad Tea is a pioneer in introducing a myriad of unique and delicious flavors of teas to local and global tea consumers. So, it is not a wonder that the name ‘Ahmad Tea’ pops up into the mind of a tea drinker when thinking of where to buy flavored tea in Sri Lanka that is of the most premium quality.

Even though there are many flavored teas in Sri Lanka, the uniqueness of Ahmad flavored tea lies in the decades of experience, passion, and the sense of respect they have towards the tea industry and the esteemed customers.

From the list of flavored teas by Ahmad Tea, these stand out;

Cardamom Tea

The Ahmad Cardamom Tea is the perfect tea as it elegantly blends the rich flavors of black Ceylon tea with the spiciness of Cardamom. The concoction is unique, refreshing, and divine, and it is ideal for a morning or an afternoon cup of tea. The antioxidants in black tea may help with numerous health benefits, ensuring a strong immunity system.

Lemon and Lime Twist

The Ahmad Lemon and Lime Twist Tea is a zesty concoction, which blends the unique flavors of lemon and lime with the robust essence of Ceylon black tea. Lemon and Lime Twist tea will make a warm cup of tea even better. Nevertheless, the ideal blend of Lemon and Lime Twist can be composed in the form of an iced tea. 

The special flavors of the mixture certainly make this concoction a trailblazer among the flavored teas in Sri Lanka.

Peach and Passion Fruit Tea

The Peach and Passion Fruit Tea is another amazing blend by Ahmad Tea. The fruity flavors added by peach and passion fruit are remarkable. The brew is amplified with the strong properties of black tea, which is the star of the concoction. 

The Peach Tea has a surprise in it, with the inclusion of fresh fruit pieces.

These are only a few of the best flavored teas in Sri Lanka, composed by the esteemed professionals at Ahmad Tea. Those who love to experiment with unique flavors of tea should try the entire flavored tea collection.



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