All you need to know about Green tea

Finding Green Tea in Sri Lanka is not a tedious task, as the flavors and the aromas of green tea are extremely popular in Sri Lanka. In addition, being a country known for its capabilities to produce the world’s best tea, finding good quality tea becomes effortless.

The best green tea in Sri Lanka is harvested in the most premium estates managed and attended to by Tea Masters, experienced in the art of producing premium quality tea.

The best green tea in Sri Lanka is created by plucking the tea leaves, leaving them to wither and then steaming immediately. The most special trait of Green tea in Sri Lanka is that it is not oxidized as much as black tea due to the before-mentioned step. The taste of green tea is preferred by many due to its floral, fresh and earthy essence.

Green tea is known to provide many advantages that complement its ambrosial flavors. Firstly, its unique mixtures assist the health of the brain, improving memory and other cognitive functions. Therefore, green tea is a perfect beverage for those who are aspiring to obtain better memory and a focused mindset.

Moreover, green tea boosts productivity and strengthens the energy needed to conquer even the most eventful days. The moderate amount of caffeine in green tea is the reason behind this. In addition, green tea contains a special property called L-theanine, which promotes brain activity and reduces anxiety.

Green tea is also widely renowned for being a stimulant for weight loss and weight management, and many nutritionists recommend green tea to be integrated into the diets of their clients.

Consumption of green tea is also believed to maintain heart health and mitigate heart diseases, and studies and research have been conducted on this topic with convincing outcomes.

Green tea in Sri Lanka consists of the highest amounts of antioxidants that are typically included in tea. This type of tea also has lower amounts of caffeine and therefore can be enjoyed instead of black tea at night time.

Finally, green tea is also low in calories, so it is the perfect addition to anyone’s diet when craving a floral, sweet, and earthy beverage that is incredibly healthy.


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